MONDAY, MAY 29, 2017

Big news! Jean Gould O’Connell and the Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum team are bringing open membership and an opportunity for greatly expanded content to the website! The breadth of material from Chet’s archives is nearly endless—original artwork, ephemera, audiovisual and never-previously public materials.

Through open access to the website and with your generous support, the Museum has the capability of providing all of this to you, with contextual commentary featuring your favorite full-color Sunday strips. Countless examples from the Museum’s digital archives of Dick Tracy toys, comic books and other collectibles, Chester Gould’s boyhood in Oklahoma, his earliest work as a commercial artist in Tulsa and Chicago, and his pre-Tracy career up to receiving the fateful telegram that changed everything is available for future updates and greater exploration. With Chester Gould’s life and legacy, there are endless possibilities!

The America that Dick Tracy believed in and the criminality he fought have not changed. The scientific advances Chester Gould predicted are here. The originality and depth of personality of his characters is remarkable. His fifty-year creative career as a commercial artist and cartoonist produced work at the highest level.

Lizz and Sam, Chief Brandon and Pat Patton, B. O. Plenty and the lovely Gravel Gertie welcome you. Join Flattop, Pruneface, 88Keyes, the Mole and all the famous villains. Your membership and access to all Museum content will henceforth be free!

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As a fan-driven site, your opportunity to experience more of the richness and depth of Chester Gould’s work is limited only by our ability to fund the costs of providing this content. The Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum is a 501(c)3 organization and contributions may be tax-deductible (please consult your tax advisor).

We are eager to share more material with you and thank you for being a fan of Chester Gould and Dick Tracy!

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“Yes, criminals do make their marks in the world, usually ten little fingerprint patterns on an FBI file card.”
- Chester Gould
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