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Special Features and Seasonal Galleries

This section of the website is dedicated to special features and seasonal galleries that will be published from time to time. Be sure to check back often as content will be regularly added below!

The Christmas Collection

Beginning in 1926 and continuing throughout his long career, Chester Gould’s Christmas cards reflected his family, his work and what was happening throughout the world. The Chester Gould – Dick Tracy Museum is happy to show these examples from its archives and from Jean Gould O’Connell’s personal collection.

Click here to view the Christmas Collection

Television Appearances

From nationally-renowned to local TV programs, this gallery features a growing collection of digital examples of Chester Gould’s appearances on television over the second half of the Twentieth Century. These examples are copy-written by their respective owners and are made available expressly as a resource for research purposes.

Click here to view the Television Appearances Exhibit

Doodles and Drawings

Chester Gould received literally millions of requests for specialty illustrations of Tracy and his other popular characters throughout his lifetime. From charitable causes to professional organizations, schools and universities to individual fans Chester Gould shared Tracy’s message and iconic profile far and wide. This gallery is dedicated to sharing as many of these mostly never-before-published examples as possible with our members.

Click here to view some of Chet’s Doodles and Drawings

Stay tuned, Crimestoppers! More Special Features will be added in the months to come!

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“When a criminal dies, he leaves his family an estate of hate, a mortgage of remorse, and an income of shame.”
- Chester Gould
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