Doodles and Drawings

Chester Gould received literally millions of requests for specialty illustrations of Tracy and his other popular characters throughout his lifetime. Given his demanding production schedule he was unable to satisfy each request he received, but surprisingly he complied with hundreds of thousands–perhaps more than a million of them!–we estimate.

From charitable causes to professional organizations, schools and universities to individual fans Chester Gould shared Tracy’s message and iconic profile far and wide. This gallery is dedicated to sharing as many of these mostly never-before-published examples as possible with our members and we’d enjoy the opportunity of sharing examples from your collections here as well, so please email us if you’d like to add your Gould illustrations to the Museum’s collection.

Click on the thumbnails above to view a larger version of each image. Then, use your mouse or the arrows on your keyboard to move from picture to picture.

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“Life is a beautiful word except when it's used as a sentence.”
- Chester Gould
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