MONDAY, MAY 29, 2017

Welcome to the Dick Tracy Museum Members’ HQ!


Jean Gould O’Connell and the Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum team are happy to announce a new, Members-Only section of this website!

As our website grows, Dick Tracy and comic art fans will find research capability, an in-depth look at Chester Gould’s life and work, an incredible catalog of viewable Dick Tracy strips and other benefits. You’ll see photos and a history of Chester and Edna Gould’s first house in Wilmette, Illinois and later his Woodstock farm. Members have access to the archives of the Museum, as new material is periodically scanned and added. Plus, Members receive a 10% discount on all Dick Tracy merchandise purchased through the website. In addition, there will be special members-only collectibles available for purchase from time to time.

What we all loved about the Woodstock Museum will still be here; the privilege of visiting an honored place and a repository of Chester Gould’s incredible creative talent.


The Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum Foundation

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“The crime game boasts of two sure winners, the undertaker and the warden.”
- Chester Gould
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