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About The Former Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum

Woodstock’s Historic Old Courthouse

It was the announcement of the forth-coming Warren Beatty Dick Tracy film that finally got Cav Peterson into action. Don Peasley, the well known and highly regarded Woodstock writer and photo journalist, had long advocated “doing something in memory of Chester Gould.” And, after Cav convinced the folks at Disney Studios to preview “Dick Tracy” in tiny Woodstock, Illinois, the stage was set for the creation of the Chester Gould – Dick Tracy Museum in the world famous cartoonist’s home town.

A committee was soon formed that would see the Chester Gould Museum become a reality. Peasley & Petersen, Woodstock mayor Jim Shoemaker, police chief Joe Marvin, Tom & Linda Loizzo, Farlin and Claris Caufield, Joyce & Bob Gentile and Jean O’Connell (Chester Gould’s daughter), were prime movers in establishing the museum that today honors Woodstock’s most famous resident.

Local supporters rallied to raise funds. They included Scott Connell, Barbara Britt, John & Kathy Cole, Mary & Dave Roberts, Tom Menge, George Pete Corson, Ross Fletcher, Kathy Fletcher Werrbach, (Ross and Kathy are the son and daughter of Rick Fletcher, Gould’s assistant and the artist who drew the strip after Gould’s retirement in 1977), Herb Pitsman and Leslie McLeer. Also instrumental were John Trione, Peter Gill, Diane Branstram, Doug Wilbrant, Jean Marie Saidler, Greg & Deb Beglinger, Jack Darby, Don Puzo and Jim and Lorna Fleming.

The Chester Gould – Dick Tracy Museum, located on the beautiful and historic Woodstock Square, tripled in size over the years and housed a fascinating collection of drawings and memorabilia, honoring a true American original.

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“It seemed so easy! It came off so well! Twenty years is so long!”
- Chester Gould
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