Chester Gould's Classic Characters Posters (Set of 2)

The Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum Presents "Chester Gould's Classic Characters", a set of two posters covering 200 characters from 1931-1977. Wonderful as gifts or for your own collection, you’ll enjoy these remembrances of your favorite Dick Tracy stories.  Quantities are limited on this production run, so order now!

Dick Tracy fans know that in addition to Chester Gould’s rare talent in creating great art combined with compelling storylines, he also brought us hundreds of memorable characters.

Who could ever forget Flattop, Pruneface, B. O. Plenty, Gravel Gertie, Sam Catchem and the other heroes and villains who populated the strip. There was Vitamin Flintheart, the great ham actor, 88 Keyes, the thieving piano player, the lovely Tess, who was constantly being kidnapped and then rescued by Tracy and who finally dragged him to the alter in 1949. Chief Brandon, Junior, Pat Patton, the Brow, Breathless Mahoney, Influence, Stooge Viller, Sparkle Plenty and Bonnie Braids, they’re all here.

The Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum is happy to again offer two spectacular posters picturing 200 of these characters. Designed by Matt Masterson in October, 1977 in honor of the 46th Anniversary of Dick Tracy, the originals were displayed in the studio of Chester Gould's home.

Poster #1 covers 100 characters from the years 1931-1949. Poster #2, also with 100 characters, covers 1949-1977. They are 24” X 32”, printed in black and white. Each character has the date of his or her first appearance in the strip. They are priced at $22.00 for the pair and shipped rolled for $7.50.

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S&H: $7.50

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“The crime game boasts of two sure winners, the undertaker and the warden.”
- Chester Gould
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