Big Brass

Appeared from Monday, April 15, 1974 to Sunday, September 15, 1974

Panel from September 20, 1955

Big Brass was a confidence man and a murderer. He was a blond man who played the guitar. Using an aerial that hung from a helicopter, Big Brass broadcast a bootleg TV program of him singing the praises of his Atomic Health Rings and encouraging TV viewers to buy them for one dollar. Big Brass encouraged viewers to put rings in their ears and nose to relieve their sinus pain.

The helicopter and the electronic TV gear were provided to Big Brass by his partner, Doc Waters, a former veterinarian. Big Brass relied on crystal ball readings from Crystal The Seer to tell him which days were favorable to conduct his bootleg TV scam. Doc Waters told Big Brass that Crystal was a phony. Big Brass smashed his guitar over Doc Waters’ head and killed him. Crystal denounced Big Brass as a murderer, but hid him under her chair when Lizz came for a reading.

After Lizz left, Big Brass couldn’t straighten his back and he went to Dr. John Ardow, an orthopedist. John Ardow fixed Big Brass’s back, but the nurse recognized Big Brass and called the police. When Tracy and the police arrived, Big Brass shot John Ardow and held the nurse hostage by holding a fountain pen gun to her neck. Tracy distracted Big Brass, who fired at Tracy. Tracy then shot Big Brass in the head, killing him instantly. Big Brass was taken to the morgue.

Reprinted with permission from the author Victor E. Wichert “The Dick Tracy Encyclopedia Oct. 4, 1931 – Dec. 25 1977″

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