Besides being a good storyteller and incorporating sound investigation techniques in his comic strip, Gould introduced numerous inventions which in the story were used for good or for evil (when in the wrong hands), but provided a foundation for developments in the future and most importantly, established working models for anti-criminal aids for policemen.


2-Way Wrist Radio

Even in the worst conditions, Tracy can count on his 2-Way Wrist Radio.

Origin:January 1946

Predecessor to:Police communication (1958); the use of “wires” to secure evidence; cellular telephone phones; pocket computers


Atomic Light

First used in robbery when victims were blinded.

Origin:February 1946

Intended Application:Purportedly to be used as an aid against infantile paralysis; later perfected for use in banks as a deterrent to armed robberies.


Portable Surveillance Camera

Says Brilliant, the designer of this camera, “We have overcome the obstacles set up by the curvature of the earth. This machine will televise for 1000 miles.”

Origin:September 1948

Predecessor to:Camera setups in retail stores and banks (1956); home security


Closed Circuit TV Police Show-up

The first trial-run hookup between three cities, Detroit, Chicago and New York will enable victims to view suspects in these cities speeding up suspect identification.

Origin:January 1953

Predecessor to:Actual police lineup (1954)


Electronic Telephone Number Pickup

Tracy could trace a crooks whereabouts using another engineering marvel.

Origin:November 1954

Predecessor to:Caller ID


Flattop Jr.’s Car

Designed by Flattop Jr. for evasive maneuvers, and living comforts.

Origin:April 1956

Predecessor to:Many motor vans (mobile homes) contain the amenities found in Flattop Jr.’s car and are regarded as standard equipment.


Magnetic Space Coupe

The nation that controls magnetism will control the universe.

Origin:September 1962

Predecessor to:Actual moon landing (July 20, 1969); magnetic propulsion being worked on but is not yet regarded as a viable means of space travel.


Magnetic Air Car

A one-man hovering air car presented to Tracy by the moon govenor.

Origin:October 1966

Predecessor to:A fully enclosed 2-man, bullet-proof magnetic air car developed in 1973 by Diet Smith.