October 4, 1931

Dick Tracy first appears published only in the Detroit Sunday Mirror, with Cigarette Sadie in companion

October 12, 1931

Dick Tracy in daily continuity first appears published in the NY Daily News

September 18, 1932

Dick Tracy meets Junior

December 1932

Whitman Publishing launches their first Big Little Book—The Adventures of Dick Tracy Detective

June 4, 1933

Last appearance of Cigarette Sadie companion strip


Cupples & Leon release Dick Tracy and Dick Tracy, Jr. and How They Captured "Stooge" Viller, the strip's first book reprint

Late spring - 1934

Dick Tracy radio program debuts on Boston's WBZ-WBZA

september 1935

Mutual Broadcasting picks up radio Dick Tracy

February 1936

Dell Publishing launches its Popular Comics imprint—the first comic book to reprint Dick Tracy—continuing through 9/1948

February 1937

Republic Pictures debuts Dick Tracy, their first screen serialization of the strip starring Ralph Byrd as lead


Radio Dick Tracy is broadcast on NBC

May 1938

Dick Tracy debuts in Dell Publishing's Super Comics imprint, continuing through 12/1947

August 1938

Republic Pictures releases Dick Tracy Returns

September 1939

Republic Pictures releases Dick Tracy's G-Men

December 1941

Republic Pictures releases Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.


Radio Dick Tracy resumes broadcast on NBC Blue, bought by ABC in 1945

February 15,1945

Armed Forces Radio Service presents their Command Performance, Dick Tracy in b Flat

december 1945

RKO Pictures releases Dick Tracy—the strip's first “B” movie treatment—starring Morgan Conway as lead

August 18, 1946

Gravel Gertie marries B.O. Plenty

december 1946

RKO Pictures releases Dick Tracy vs. Cueball, starring Morgan Conway as lead

march 30, 1947

Sparkle Plenty is born to Gravel and B.O.

may 1947

RKO Pictures releases Dick Tracy's Dilemma, starring Ralph Byrd as lead

September 1947

RKO Pictures releases Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, starring Ralph Byrd as lead

january 1948

Dell Publishing launches Dick Tracy as a standalone comic book title, continuing through 12/1949

october 1948

Chief Brandon resigns his post; Tracy's partner Pat Patton becomes Chief of Police

december 26, 1948

Chief Patton introduces Sam Catchem to Tracy; Sam becomes his new partner

September 11, 1949

The strip's Crimestoppers Textbook feature debuts, chronicled by Chicago PD detective, Al Valanis

december 25, 1949

Dick Tracy marries Tess Trueheart

March 1950

Harvey Publications takes over Dell's Dick Tracy title, continuing through 4/1961

september 1950

Dick Tracy television program debuts, starring Ralph Byrd as lead

may 4, 1951

Bonnie Braids is born

january 1955

Policewoman Lizz joins the Police Department's staff

december 2, 1956

The Gravies debuts in companion to Dick Tracy in the Chicago Sunday Tribune, appearing frequently until 1/26/1964

june 1961

United Productions of America begins television syndication of The Dick Tracy Show, an animated cartoon series

september 2, 1962

The Magnetic Space Coupe first appears

october 4, 1964

Junior marries Moon Maid

september 12, 1965

Honey Moon is born to Moon Maid and Junior

january 16, 1966

First appearance of “The Nation That Controls Magnetism Will Control The Universe” slogan

october 1966

William Dozier shoots the pilot episode of a live-action Dick Tracy with 20th Century-Fox for NBC-TV, the show isn't picked up

july 5, 1969

Sparkle marries cartoonist Vera Alldid

june 1970

Wiliam Johnston's Dick Tracy—the first novelization of the character—is released

july 10, 1970

Groovy Grove joins the Police Department's staff


Chelsea House publishes the strip's first reprint compilation, The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy

december 1975

DC/National Periodical Publications features Dick Tracy in their Limited Collectors' Edition series, reprinting the Flattop case

december 25, 1977

Chester Gould's final Dick Tracy strip appears, culminating 46 years, 2 months and 21 days of daily production