The Sunday Project: Volume 1-1


The Sunday Project: Volume 1-1


On Sunday, September 18, 1932, the Dick Tracy comic strip appeared for the first time on the full front page of several newspaper comic sections that carried the strip around the country. Many newspapers would continue to publish Tracy in the full newspaper page format until the end of 1942. This broadsheet format is the only of the three commonly found that featured Gould's complete original panel artwork that otherwise appeared cropped and edited in both the tabloid and half-page formats.

In addition to the completeness of the original art, these pages typically appear printed in different and often brighter colors than in the other Sunday page formats.

Through the lifelong contributions of legendary founder of comics FANDOM and Dick Tracy historian, Shel Dorf, we are pleased to offer Volume 1-1, authentically reprinting the first 38 Sunday pages published from September 18, 1932 through June 4, 1933, in the large, full newspaper page format. The pages in Volume 1-1 are coincident with the Sunday pages published in tabloid format in Volume 1. Volume 1-1 is available $180.00 as a stand-alone purchase.

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In honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Dick Tracy comic strip, The Chester Gould – Dick Tracy Museum introduced The Sunday Project™. a full-color reprint series, authentically republishing some 2,431 Dick Tracy Sunday pages in their original color and format for the very first time.

As a practiced designer, Chester Gould plotted with color specifically in mind as his pen and brush labored over his oversized Sunday artwork. Having to accommodate for color in a comic strip on Sunday’s was a new task for then 30 year old Chester Gould, though he soon mastered the illustration of contrasting moods and effects over his twelve blank panels, perfectly combining brilliant color with his trademark use of India ink. For the first time since their original publication, fans and scholars can now study and appreciate Gould’s full-color Sunday pages as they were designed to appear.

Each Sunday page in the series is scanned in high resolution from the original newsprint in either Chester Gould’s own archives or Shel Dorf’s pioneering scrapbooks. Each page is printed on quality #90 stock, measuring 11×17” in size and embossed with the official seal of the Museum for authenticity. Additionally, each Volume includes 4 BONUS pages featuring never-before or rarely published examples of historical material related to Dick Tracy, Chester Gould and their broader legacy.

Shipping is included in the price of each Volume and you can anticipate receiving your order within two weeks of purchase. The timing of subscription shipments will vary.

For additional information, contact The Sunday Project editors Jeff Kersten and Matt Hansel at