Appeared from Tuesday, October 14, 1941 to Tuesday, November 11, 1941

Panel from October 14, 1941

Sugar was a young, dark-haired woman who was associated with Duke, a pickpocket and thief. She would dress as a “gum-sample girl” and distribute free samples of chewing gum on the street corners. Duke would plan his robberies and hold-ups of local stores and then run down the street, slip the stolen money into Sugar’s large sample bag, knock her over and then run away. When the police caught up with him he would have none of the stolen money on him. Later, he and Sugar would meet and split the loot.

After Tracy had become suspicious of Sugar, Junior saw her on the street one day and Sugar took him to her apartment for cake and milk. While he was there, Junior found evidence from one of the restaurants that had been robbed. He told Tracy, and they both returned to the apartment to question Sugar. In the meantime, Duke had returned to Sugar’s apartment and when Tracy and Junior entered, Duke got the drop on them. Duke then tied Tracy to an overturned table, lit a plate of sulphur and he and Sugar took Junior and left Tracy to die of sulphur fumes in the apartment.

Duke and Sugar then stopped an armored truck on the street by kicking Junior in front of it and holding up the guards. Sugar took all the money from the truck and she and Duke escaped in Duke’s car. Duke was driving too fast and he became involved in an accident with a vegetable truck that overturned. Duke’s car crashed into a tree and Sugar was killed when she was thrown against the windshield. Duke managed to escape and hid out with the Mole.

Reprinted with permission from the author Victor E. Wichert “The Dick Tracy Encyclopedia Oct. 4, 1931 – Dec. 25 1977″

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