Texie Garcia

Appeared in the Sunday pre-continuity strips from Sunday, October 11, 1931 to Sunday, November 15, 1931

Panel from December 12, 1931


Texie Garcia was a gunwoman, blackmailer and Big Boy’s gun moll. Texie was a slender, fiery, dark-haired woman with sharp features. She was referred to by “Ribs” Mocco as Big Boy’s “real dame”.

Texie Garcia paid Tony the Bomber to bomb Tracy’s car, but Tony was color-blind and he planted the bomb in Big Boy’s car instead. Texie tended to Big Boy’s bomb wounds. Later, when Texie refused to tell Tracy about a jewel robbery, he had her locked up. Then, Ribs Mocco, Spike and Texie captured Tracy and were about to kill him when Milligan, a patrolman on Chief Brandon’s police force, arrived chasing a cat and rescued Tracy.

Appeared in regular continuity from Thursday, October 29, 1931 to Monday, December 28, 1931

Texie Garcia took the blame for Big Boy’s shooting of Pat Patton when Tracy found her in Big Boy’s flat with Big Boy’s smoking gun. She refused to admit Big Boy’s guilt even when she was put in jail. She blackmailed the lawyer, Habeas, to post her bail and was almost killed by Dubbs, the ex-politician, but Tracy intervened and Texie escaped.

Appeared from Thursday, October 13, 1932 to Sunday, November 27, 1932

Texie Garcia reappeared as an accomplice to Dan Mucelli, the dope peddler. Texie befriended Junior by offering to buy him a soda one day. She then offered Junior a job delivering bread. Junior accepted. What he didn’t know was that the bread contained dope vials that Dan had baked inside. After Junior learned the truth, Texie helped Dan his associate, Jake, kidnap Junior. Tracy intervened to save Junior and Texie went into hiding with Dan. Tracy surprised them in their hideout, arrested them both and put them in jail.

Reprinted with permission from the author Victor E. Wichert “The Dick Tracy Encyclopedia Oct. 4, 1931 – Dec. 25 1977″

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